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Android Tips - Press and Hold

In the event that you are another Android telephone client, I'm certain that you may have tapped on those symbols yet have you at any point had a go at holding your finger until something comes up? You should give it a shot.

The On/Off Button

Squeezing and holding the On/Off catch can raise new choices other than locking and opening the screen. It can raise choices to switch Flight Mode and Silent Mode to On or Off. The third alternative is to close down the gadget.

The Menu Button

Delicate console will spring up on long holding the Menu button. This isn't appropriate to all telephones yet will chip away at unadulterated Android Nexus gadgets and on HTC telephones in the event that you are in an application which utilizes the console. With Samsung's TouchWiz, console will spring up alongside proper inquiry office. Press and holding a similar catch will cause it to vanish. This alternative proves to be useful while topping off online structures on your program without sendi…

Android Tips for Ice Cream Sandwich and Above

Android is an open source that has a responsive UI any Android client will consent to this reality. In any case, it appears as though there is more than what meets the eye. There are some shrouded convenient highlights and alternate routes that you can apply on your Android gadget. Figuring out how to more readily utilize your Android will empower in making things less difficult and receiving most in return.

You will be stunned that how a couple of basic stunts will leave you with a superior information and improve involvement in your Android.

Console alternate routes

Frequently while building a message or answering to one you may need to switch between the letters in order and numeric console. This nearly appears to be tiring, a simple method to do so is holding down the (.) key to make a simple and fast switch. The accentuation imprints and numeric will show up immediately. Also to dispose of steady tapping on your virtual console tap without lifting your finger. There is a pre-stac…